The rooms in this hotel are magnificent. As you can see below we feel that we are in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. To this we must add all the charm of the services that the hotel offers. As you can see we also have a large outdoor pool where we can enjoy the best views of Bangkok at night. Indispensable.


Bangkok is a wonderful place where anything is possible. In the city. Enjoy a trip and see the floating markets, golden steppes, street food stalls and Karen villages. If you are looking for a place to disconnect and be able to do an authentic tourism that most probably will not be possible in 10 years, Bangkok is your city. We recommend that you read a lot of information on the different blogs on the internet to plan your trip in the best way possible in order to enjoy the experience without any problems. Whether you are single, want to travel with your partner, or with your family, Bangkok is your city and your destination! What are you waiting for?